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Welcome to ExpatPower, a one-stop shopping facilitator aimed at expats in the Eindhoven region. ExpatPower offers an extensive, unique package of services which thoroughly meets the needs, requirements, and wishes of expats and the companies which employ them. We help international knowledge workers to get a head start in their new country. We are continually refining and expanding our package of services.

Expat Services

You'll find all the 'coming to', 'settling in' and 'living in'- services here. ExpatPower offers an extensive, unique package of services which are offered by our regional professional partners. Our current services are listed below. Are you interested in one of the services listed below? Send us an email or give us a call and you will immediately receive additional information. Making sure that expats are 100% worry-free begins with ExpatPower!

Company Solutions

ExpatPower offers immediate added value for companies that attract and employ expats. By implementing our extensive, unique package of services you offer your current and future employees a one-of-a-kind platform to relieve them of worry before, during, and after their move to the Netherlands. ExpatPower also offers the personal 'buddy'-programme. With our 'buddy'-programme, we are ready to assist your expat employee 24 hours a day, seven days a week, with all their preparations and questions, regardless of their situation.

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Before your arrival in our region ExpatPower offers you services for primary needs:
- Housing
- International Moving
- Short Stay / Hotels
- Residence and Permits
- Car Rental
- Furniture Lease

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During the first months of your stay in our region ExpatPower offers you essential services and support:
- Bank
- Taxes
- Insurances
- Formalities
- Internet and mobile
- International School
- Coaching and Cultural Awareness

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WHAT’s NEXT? After the ‘coming to' and 'settling in’ - stages, ExpatPower assists you with services such as:
- Car Rental and Damage
- Dentist
- Translations
- Transformation Therapist
- Jobsearch for Partners
- Language
- Handyman
- Sports
- Spouse Programme

You're Welcome!

ExpatPower offers expats the support they need. Before, during, and after your move to the Netherlands, we offer you practical help, with our extensive, unique package of services and our 'buddy'-programme. Our goal is clear – offering accessible assistance with all the details of moving and settling in to a new country to relieve you of worry. This gives you the time and energy to focus on the issues that are important to you as an expat. The services that ExpatPower offers will enable your family to feel at home in your new environment much sooner.

'Buddy' Service

The ExpatPower (optional) ‘buddy’ programme provides an expat with a personal ‘buddy’ at the expat’s request, or at the request of the company. The buddy is involved in the process from the ‘coming to’-stage onwards and helps the expat (and their partner or family) with preparation, arrival and during the first month(s) of their stay.
The 'buddy'-service makes the expat experience easier and more enjoyable. A buddy is a personal assistant for all non-work related matters. Buddies are expats (male or female) with experience in the region, who can be contacted by the expat 24/7 for a period of 1, 3 or 6 months.

Feel free to ask!

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